Our Services

How Can We Help You?

At CIBCA Micro Acquisitions, we work with principled organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs in high-growth segments and bring capital access, global infrastructure, business acumen, strategic connections and industry expertise to our growing family of portfolio businesses.

Entrepreneurship &
Global Business Development

At CIBCA, we help businesses reach new heights with proven strategic business development practices. We also help entrepreneurs, SMB owners, and LCEs come up with a step-by-step plan to help them reach specific business development goals!

Infrastructure Assistance & Development

We help our partners – entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and SMBs owners – with development, management or expansion of their technology and operational infrastructure capabilities. We also invest in infrastructure assets that deliver essential goods and services.

Business Management

As professional business manager we specialize in walking the line between being a cheerleader and a harsh realist. We help businesses reach new heights that are sometimes uncomfortable but are necessary to grow and scale. We stick with our partners through thick and thin and make sure all objectives are growth driven so they start seeing results quickly.

Money & Finance Management

We are reliable money and finance managers who focus on improving the financial status for both personal or business clients. Our main objective is to address both the black and white numbers, as well as the emotional relationship with money.

Team Development

At CIBCA, we drive your team towards accomplishing a goal, whether it be completing a particular project, starting a new business unit or meeting sales efforts. We will also help you in confronting and addressing team-busters like groupthink, micromanaging, and unresolved conflict to build a better team for your organization.